Astros Manager Bo Porter Apologizes to Mike Scioscia For "Bush-League" Move

Bo Porter called manager Mike Scioscia yesterday to apologize for the always dreaded bush-league maneuver that was seemingly done in the spirit of A-Rod’s thoughtful “ha!” move in Toronto a couple seasons ago. It all went dow when Angels catcher Hank Conger and Mark Trumbo were duped enough that a pop fly successfully found it’s way to the ground thanks to someone from the Houston dugout yelling “I got it.”

“I apologized to him on behalf of our ballclub,” Porter said of his conversation with Scioscia. “It’s not something that I condone, and I take full responsibility. It won’t happen again.”

Classy move by the Houston manager, though when you literally have nothing going for you, being nice isn’t a bad idea.

[LA Times]

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