Chris Davis Has 31 Home Runs, Is Also NOT on Steroids

chris-davis-piedAs we documented at the end of May, Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is having a hell of a season. Since then, it has only gotten better. During the Orioles’ three-game sweep of the Yankees this weekend at Camden Yards, Davis launched three home runs, giving him an MLB-best 31.

Davis is now two short of his season total for 2012. His overall line of .332/.406/.509 is eye-popping. If it wasn’t for the season Miguel Cabrera is posting for the Tigers, again, there’d be talk of Davis making a run at the Triple Crown.

Of course, since we live in the post-PED world of baseball, whenever a player comes out of nowhere to post huge power numbers, some folks are going to wonder where it came from. The following tweet from a Michigan sports fan wound up on the top of r/baseball Monday.

So, there you have it. Davis is not on steroids if you take him at his word. Also, what a world we live in where a random person can ask a professional athlete if his success is due to steroids, and the athlete actually responds.

This is not Brady Anderson 2.0. Time to find some new material, guys.

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