Roundup: College Kid vs. ESPN Radio Host, Nudity at a McDonalds Drive Thru & Babe Ruth's Incredible 1916 Pitching Stats

meagan good BET awardsMeagan Good at the BET awardscaramel, bare breasts and the McDonald’s drive-thruEW names The Wire the best TV show of all-time … sky poo is a problem in Canada … columnist felt need to explain why ‘cracker’ isn’t as bad as ‘n-word’ … hope a judge throws the book at these ‘World Star’ idiots … she was hiding the drugs where? … a lengthy piece on your Fox Sports Live sports news anchors … Jersey: Woman didn’t know she was pregnant, gave birth on her front lawnJ Lo probably got a nice paycheck for serenading this tyrant … I’ve read this three times and I still think this has to be a joke right? … very sad story: 19 elite firefighters killed in Arizona blaze

A college kid vs. ESPN radio host/TV analyst Dan Dakich. [Heartland Sports Broadcasting]

“Babe Ruth pitched 323.2 innings in 1916 and did not surrender a home run.” [Long Island Baseball Magazine]

MLB hit streaks don’t begin until 30, but Michael Cuddyer is at 27, and that’s probably worth a mention, right? [Denver Post]

The Rockets had Yao Ming on Skype early this morning while wooing Dwight Howard. [Yahoo Sports]

Cam Newton, leader! [Observer]

Here’s the bat signal to all 80s wrestling fans: George the Animal Steele, Elizabeth, etc. [Postgame]

Where in the world is Renardo Sidney? [ESPN]

The Pittsburgh Pirates have won nine straight and have the best record in baseball. Now, the bad news: 83 games left. [MLB.com]

Twenty years ago this week, Brian Shaw’s mom, dad and sister all died in a car accident. [Post]

Shaq is good people: “O’Neal on Friday night announced plans to build the Shaquille O’Neal Children’s Hospital at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge that will treat patients free of charge.” [The Advocate]

The new ESPN ombudsman has weighed in with his first piece. It’s on Jason Collins. [ESPN]

Dog narrowly escapes cyclists at Tour de France!

Cut to commercial! Somebody throw this woman a lifeline! Oh, she killed someone with this report.

Difficult to watch: Nutjob swipes child at Supermarket. Holds knife to kid’s head. Fortunately, policeman killed the crazy person.

Because you want to see it first!

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