Soccer Hooligan Brawl: Swedish Fans & Denmark Supporters Have Short, One-Sided Brawl [Video]

Soccer hooligan street fight! Based on the various Google translated YouTube videos and soccer hooligan sites I read, this is a brawl between GAIS Gothenburg and Helsingborg IF and F.C. Copenhagen (Denmark) fans. (Though, for some reason, the supporters seem to be grouped as GAIS fans versus Helsinborg and Copenhagen fans in most descriptions. Other languages are confusing.)

Either way, this is a soccer hooligan brawl where the side with 60 hooligans (Denmark) makes quick work of the side with only 40 hooligans (Sweden). It’s like Green Street Hooligans, but without Frodo Baggins and Jax Teller to make me understand who I should have been rooting for. Here’s a quick geography refresher showing the homes of the three teams from the rival bordering nations.


Because you want to see it first!

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