Chad Johnson 1-Upped Robert Gill, Ran 24mph on a Treadmill With a 2.5-Percent Incline [Video]

Chad Johnson may be out of the league and spending most of his time in court, but he’s still a freak athlete. This video, uploaded yesterday, shows the 35-year old Johnson running 24 miles per hour on a treadmill with a 2.5% incline. You may remember way back on Friday when we first saw video of Cardinals rookie Robert Gill running 25mph on a treadmill. This means two things:

1. This is going to be a thing. Remember a couple years ago when people were jumping out of pools? Like that, but more dangerous.

2. Chad Johnson is still a freak athlete. Having said that, if he can do this at 35, some younger guys are going to up the stakes, right? Teams should immediately put this on the list of things players are not allowed to do.


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