Roundup: Best Restaurants in America, Scary Parasailing Accident & Robbers Pull Real Italian Job in Venice

can you guess the celebrityNicola McLean … college girls in Florida love sugar daddies … who knew Orson Welles hated so many of Hollywood’s finest? … more disturbing details – if that’s possible – on the Newtown shooter, Adam Lanza … these might be the 101 best restaurants in America … “How an Israeli billionaire wrested control of one of Africa’s biggest prizes” … mistaken identity, a strip club fight, and a shooting … the best of Northern Virginia … “Rapper ordered to attend etiquette classes” … man breaks into a house, shaves his headgun giveaway at Minor League game shelved … sad: Pierce Brosnan’s daughter loses battle with ovarian cancer … two movie-type robberies: at the Borgata in Atlantic City & in Venice, Italy

[Aaron Hernandez] “is, in my eyes, a symbol that popular culture has installed Tony Soprano as America’s most celebrated and revered icon above Joe Montana.” [Whitlock]

The Cardinals are better off without Albert Pujols. At the midway point, would many argue that? [Post-Dispatch]

I’m gonna drop a Lance Armstrong story here. But nobody will click it because nobody cares about what he has to say, right? [Fast Company]

I didn’t answer overrated/underrated. Can you be at ESPN and be underrated? [SI]

The Pirates are playing great, but why is nobody going to their games? [Trib Live]

You’ll never guess what Isner and Federer were talking about at the showers at Wimbledon. Hint: Jake the Snake Roberts. [Fox Sports]

Because they had two Top 5 draft picks and were bounced in the Sweet 16, the 2013 Indiana Hoosiers go down as being one of the biggest underachievers, ever. [WSJ]

“Five years ago, Abubakar Suleiman was hunting zebras with spears and trying to avoid antagonizing cheetahs.” [Globe]

Seventeen early-entrants into the NBA draft weren’t selected. [Fay Observer]

Kevin Durant: Just because I signed with Jay-Z, it doesn’t mean I’m leaving Oklahoma City! [Oklahoman]

I would not recommend trying this on your wife/girlfriend. Fast-forward to the 1:10 mark for the madness. [via Cartmaniak]

The Buttfumble: Now, a silent short film. [via Hot Clicks]

Scary parasailing accident in Florida. Both kids survived, but have been hospitalized. [via Adam]

Has to be a joke, right?

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