Joey Chestnut Downs a Record 69 Hot Dogs, Wins 7th Straight Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest [Video]

It’s Joey Chestnut’s world, we’re all just living in it. The American hero won his seventh straight Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Thursday afternoon at Coney Island, downing a record 69 dogs over 10 minutes to set a new record. Late in the contest it looked like Chestnut might not break his own mark of 68 dogs from 2012, but he powered through the final minute to down dog No. 69 and achieve processed meats’ immortality.

During Thursday’s contest Chestnut also passed the 400 career hot dog mark at the Nathan’s — a Ruthian feat if there every was one. There’s a reason the announcers on ESPN compared Chestnut’s preparations and performance to those of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. (Taking a swipe at Mark Sanchez at the same time, no less.)


Chestnut out-lasted a field of competitors gunning for the mustard yellow belt that included the likes of the Beast Man, Badlands, the Notorious B.O.B., Megatoad and the perennial bridesmaid of the Nathan’s contest: Tim “Eater X” Janus.

Eater X did provide us with this fantastic GIF, because Eater X gon give it to ya. He’s also the World Burping Champion, so Janus has that going for him.


Earlier in the day Sonya ‘the Black Widow’ Thomas won the women’s contest eating 36 3/4 dogs, narrowly edging Juliet Lee who downed 36 dogs in 10 minutes. The Internet says Thomas once downed a 7 3/4 pound Turducken Thanksgiving dinner in 12 minutes. Sorry this photo cuts off her hands because we’d all like to see if she’s wearing a wedding ring.


Well, we made it through an entire post about hot dogs without any bun mots. Oops.

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