Dwight Howard Flying Back to LA, Now 50-50 on Houston, Chris Broussard Reports [UPDATE]

Steve Nash Dwight HowardDwight Howard, the man who can’t ever make up his mind – remember how difficult it was for him to leave Orlando? – apparently is not 100% locked in to Houston. At 6 pm, Howard was going to be a Houston Rocket. Now, four hours later … he’s down to 50-50 according to one of his friends, ESPN reporter Chris Broussard.



This should come as no surprise to anybody. Above all, Dwight Howard wants people to like him, and right now, the entire fanbase of the most storied franchise in NBA history – sorry, Boston – hates him.

So he’s waffling. In 2011, Howard made multiple trade demands trying to get out of Orlando, then, at the trading deadline, waved his right to opt-out. He was sticking around one more year! About five months later, he forced a trade to the Lakers.

Houston? LA? Wake me when this is over, please.

[UPDATE: 10:25 pm – the Lakers released a statement saying Dwight Howard has told them he’s not returning. This should signal he’s definitely going to Houston, right? Somebody? Anybody?]

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