Phil Jackson Thinks Dwight Howard is Now Playing for the Astros, Maybe

phil jackson is puzzled by what ucla did

Phil Jackson, the zen master, is perhaps getting a little senile. That, or wait— he is just toying with us again with a tweet that is sublime on so many levels.

Is it possible that Phil just got his Houston teams crossed in the immediate moment? Possible, but the beauty of Phil is we will never know. After all, it was the Houston Rockets who won titles in between the Bulls winning five of seven years, partially when Michael Jordan was off playing baseball. Surely Phil Jackson knows that the Houston NBA team is known as the Rockets. Maybe a shot at both the organization and Dwight Howard? The “rehab and confusion” line is a thing of beauty. What about the use of DH for Dwight Howard while also referencing the Astros, in their first year in the American League? Perhaps I am over-thinking this.

Phil wins again.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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