Tony Thompson After Knocking Out David Price: "I'm going to go home and break my wife's hip. I ain't had sex with her in a while." [Video]

Tony Thompson knocked out David Price for the second consecutive time, with this KO coming in the fifth round. The true jaw-dropping moment came after the fight though, with Thompson explaining how he would please — cripple? — his wife upon returning home. Here’s the full quote before getting cut off:

“Hey man, I’m gonna go home and break my wife’s hip. I ain’t had sex with her in a while. She is gonna feel the pain … it’s gonna be some pleasure mixed in there, but she might be crippled in the morning. So if anybody out there wanna donate a wheelchair to the save the Miss Thompson fund…”

Thompson managed to deliver a couple other “moments” as well. At the 28-second mark on Price:

“Just a good strong boxer. He scared the hell out of me, but it brought the fu****’ best out of me. Can you say fu****’ on here?”

And at the 1:30 mark, Thompson talks about fighting Tyson Fury:

“I would love to fight Tyson Fury over here, or in Vegas, or anywhere that big pussy wants to fight.”

Tony Thompson is hereby appointed to be the man to save boxing. [via @BryanAGraham]

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