Carmelo Anthony Opting Out of the Knicks in 2014 to Sign with the Lakers? 50-50, Says Stephen A. Smith

kobe and carmelo - surprisingly going different ways

Carmelo Anthony can opt-out of his contract with the Knicks in the summer of 2014 – which is shaping up as the Biggest Summer in NBA History, with Andrew Wiggins in the draft, and LeBron potentially opting out of Miami, too – and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is already starting the hype machine:

Did Stephen A. Smith forget that Mike D’Antoni is the coach of the Lakers? Or is Stephen A. just assuming that D’Antoni gets fired after the Lakers miss the playoffs? Maybe that’s why he said it was 50-50 – now it’s a tossup, but fire D’Antoni, and it’s on and poppin!

If this is the plan, well, the Lakers better begin investing heavily in role players because nobody else on that team is going to be allowed to take a shot (maybe Gasol every ninth trip?). Melo don’t pass, and Kobe’s always been a shoot-first guy.

I assume Knicks fans will not appreciate this report, and Carmelo will have to come out and vociferously deny this while wearing a Knicks t-shirt and hat. Anything short of that and he’ll be vilified and treated like Mark Sanchez. Melo kicked and screamed his way out of Denver, ran one coach out of New York, and Jeremy Lin too, and now he’s going to bail?

Lastly, I’ll mention that Melo’s wife has TV aspirations – she already has a bad reality show – so LA seems like a natural fit.

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