Ice Cube Said "F--- Dwight Howard" at a Show Over the Weekend, Referred to Him as "Dwight Coward" [Video]

Ice Cube is a passionate and at times very vocal Lakers fan who has publicly shared his unfiltered thoughts on the team in the past, so it comes as no surprise that the rapper chimed in on Dwight Howard at a show over the weekend. Here’s the full quote, which sadly did not go straight into “Ghetto Bird”:

“F***k Dwight Howard god damnit. We don’t need no punkass motherf***kers on our team. We don’t give a f**k about a Dwight Coward. We don’t need no bitches on our team, homie. He don’t deserve to go up on that god damn wall. So I predict tonight, Kobe will another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one.”

Seems like a reasonable take, especially Kobe winning another ring at age 34 coming off Achilles tendon surgery and with Chris Kaman working his wizardry at center. One thing I can confirm as absolute fact, however, is that no one on earth says “god damnit” better than Ice Cube. No one.

Now to recap, Ron Artest has referred to Dwight Howard not as Dwight Howard, but as “the new guy.” Then Phil Jackson had him going to the Astros while Shaq verbally slapped him around yet again. Today, we have Ice Cube calling him Dwight Coward.

The All-Star center has somehow been demoted to receiving the same level of respect that Shawn Bradley got during his storied days in the paint.

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