Aaron Hernandez: Unsealed Search Warrants Reveal Hernandez Slammed Door on Investigators When They First Told Him They Were There for a "Death Investigation"

aaron hernandez arrested

One hundred and fifty-six pages of documents related to search warrants for Aaron Hernandez have been made public today, after a judge ruled in favor of the request from various media outlets. WCVB is live-blogging the revelations from the contents of the search warrants as they go through them. Here are some notable things contained in those documents (these are all allegations made, and rather than just say allegedly each time, know that all of this came from statements by law enforcement to obtain warrants):

  • A cell phone belonging to Odin Lloyd was found on his body, located in the right front sweatshirt pocket (note: it was likely this cell phone that allowed the prosecution to piece together the GPS info that was used to present allegations on the whereabouts of Odin Lloyd and Hernandez on the night in question).
  • Odin Lloyd also had a set of rental car keys from Enterprise on him when his body was discovered.
  • When police arrived to question Hernandez, he told them he had rented the car for Odin Lloyd, then became argumentative, and when the police said it was a death investigation, said he needed to speak to his lawyer, and went inside and slammed the door.
  • Hernandez and his girlfriend later went to the police station. While the girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, was talking to police, Hernandez called her cell phone and told her to stop talking.
  • Hernandez had rented the Nissan Altima and returned it with damage to the driver side mirror, but claimed not to know how the damage occurred. Police claim that the tire tracks near Odin Lloyd’s body were consistent with the tracks of a Nissan Altima.
  • Jenkins told police that Odin Lloyd was a marijuana dealer.
  • Hernandez allowed the police to search a separate vehicle, a rented Chevy Suburban, and told them that he would keep his cell phone “without alteration” until a search warrant was issued.
  • Hernandez’ cell phone had a listing for “Fish 2”, Ernest Wallace, whom he texted on night of murder “hurry ur ass up.”
  • Surveillance video from Hernandez’ home captures he, Wallace, and an unidentified man at the house at 12:40 am. Hernandez is seen with a hand gun. They get in the Nissan Altima and depart the house at 1:12 am.


  • Aaron Hernandez stopped at a gas station in Canton at 2 am, used his credit card to buy gas, bubble gum, and a cigar.
  • Surveillance video shows him picking up Odin Lloyd in Dorchester, and Lloyd getting in the Nissan Altima.


Here is a picture from Brian Ballou of the Boston Globe of an excerpt of a search warrant related to Odin Lloyd’s phone, wherein he has Aaron Hernandez’ number in his phone as Dis Nigga or Nigga Dis.


  • Police found a .45 shell casing in a dumpster after it had been found by an Enterprise employee in the car returned by Hernandez. Police say that it matched the five spent casings at the scene of the murder, though the gun has not been found.


  • A gunshot residue kit was one of the items found in Aaron Hernandez’ house, on a mattress. Police allege that the gunshot residue kit was used on the Nissan Altima. 

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