As if There Weren't Enough NFL Sunday Pregame Shows, CBS Sports Network is Doing a 4-Hour One

cbs-nfl-todayI’m not a big fan of the Sunday NFL pregame shows. Never have been. The explosion of information on the internet, plus ESPN’s Fantasy Football show, plus having kids, has made me spend my entire Sunday morning away from the TV until about 12:30, at which point I check one last time to make sure my Fantasy lineup is set. With the exception of the Fantasy Football show – last minute injuries, etc – I rarely turn on the TV on Sunday morning before the games. I’m more likely to check twitter.

[ASIDE: Could I be swayed if the shows had a different format with slightly different casts? Sure. It happened to me with NBA Countdown on ESPN this year.]

However, the ratings for these shows are large. People tune in. [Counter argument: You could put up anything before or after an NFL game on CBS or Fox and get monster ratings.] America’s insatiable appetite for football seems to be at its peak. Any chatter about the sport’s brand being “damaged” by¬† head injuries or numerous arrests simply isn’t accurate (yet).

foxnflsunday_display_imageTo quench your thirst, football fans, CBS Sports Network is going to air a four-hour pregame show (!) every Sunday this fall. From 9-kickoff. The first hour will go up against Colin Cowherd’s new football show on ESPN. Yes, the final hour will go up against the pregame show on CBS. From the Sports Business Journal:

The show will be called “That Other Pregame Show,” and its last hour will air against “The NFL Today” on CBS. Staffing decisions still have not been finalized, but CBS will use some of its NFL talent on the show. It also will have new faces on the set. The show will compete against similar offerings on ESPN and NFL Network

The good news? More TV jobs! The bad news? Well, there’s no bad news here. It’ll sell advertising because they’ll bring Simms and Marino on a sales call or two, and boom, profits. Hundreds of people will watch – probably. [via Sports Business Journal]

Because you want to see it first!

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