Ken Griffey Jr. Had Fun Goofing on Kenny Lofton Before the 1994 All-Star Game [Video]

Now this is what the MLB All-Star Game should be all about: star players goofing on other star players. Circa 1994, when this video was filmed, there weren’t many bigger stars in baseball than Ken Griffey Jr. and Kenny Lofton. As good as Lofton was for those mid-90s Indians’ squads, his star paled in comparison to Griffey. It’s why the erstwhile-Mariners centerfielder could clown on Lofton’s home run trot without fear of reprisal.

In most seasons the All-Star game would take place tonight, but we have to wait a full week before baseball’s best and brightest … and everybody else, turns out under the lights at Citi Field. So enjoy this trip down memory lane and admit you owned that teal Mariners cap.

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