49 States Agree with 100-Game Suspensions for First-Time PED Users, One Doesn't

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Sooner or later, probably next Thursday, Bud Selig will hold a press conference to announce MLB’s plans to suspend a whole slew of players for their involvement with the Biogenesis Clinic in Florida. Reports state up to 20 players could be suspended 100 games due to their initial denials.

As it stands, two names have been bandied across the news cycle in bold headlines: Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.

ESPN.com ran a poll on whether or not you agree with baseball’s decision to suspend first-time PED violators for 100 games. Most of America seems cool with it, running over 75 percent in MLB’s favor. There’s one state state that comes up blue in the poll, Wisconsin. Braun remains a hero in the Badger State despite the lingering question marks over his 2011 National League MVP award.

Let’s be honest, it’s perfectly normal for Wisconsin sports fans to support Braun since he’s one of the best hitters in baseball when healthy.

Meanwhile, in New York many Yankees fans have their fingers crossed that an MLB suspension is the first step toward finding a way out of the remaining four years and $85 million left on Rodriguez’s contract, although that’s very unlikely to happen.

(Steroids in baseball is among the most tiresome topics in all of sports, so I’ll link what I wrote last month when the initial rumblings about the Biogenesis suspensions leaked.)

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