Matthew Stafford & Girlfriend Celebrated His Huge Contract Extension on a Party Boat on the Fourth

stafford-contractstafford-partyMatthew Stafford signed a fresh (and hefty) extension with the Detroit Lions on Tuesday. I know what you’re thinking – “Stafford must have been at the bargaining table for weeks banging out the details of his new deal. Wasn’t that a holiday weekend? Yeah. Stafford probably didn’t even have time to celebrate the 4th of July. Didn’t Stafford go to high school in Texas? I bet he loves freedom.”

Well guess what? Matthew Stafford does love his freedom so he found a way to get out on a giant party boat with a DJ on the Fourth of July. He even wore a festive red Georgia shirt with the sleeves cut off because in America you don’t restrict people’s rights. Especially the right to bare arms. (Bear hands!) Stafford’s girlfriend, Kelly Hall was also there. As were her friends. Just looking at these pictures (The first three are from this weekend. After that we added a few classics.) is enough to make me put a hand over my heart to praise Old Glory.


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