Tyson Fury Clowned David Haye at a Press Conference, Haye Somehow Didn't Attack Him [Video]

David Haye (26-2, 24KO) and Tyson Fury (21-0, 15KO) are going to meet in the boxing ring on September 28th. Today they had a press conference to promote the fight. Anyone who pays attention to these types of things knows that after a press conference, the participating fighters usually stand up next to each other and then face off so that the dozens of media members in attendance have proof of what they were there to see, thus justifying the food and alcohol they’re about to have for lunch on the corporate dime as soon as this thing is over.


Where was I? Ah yes. The face off – or stare down – is a proud and simple tradition. You just have to stand next to a guy and then turn towards the guy and kind of look at him. Sometimes you put up a fist or two. Sometimes you let people know that you are number one by pointing your index finger towards the clouds. Tyson Fury did none of that. He sat in his chair, stood on his chair and then told everyone he was afraid of Haye and didn’t want to look him in the eyes.


Amazingly, Haye kept his cool throughout Fury’s antics. If you were going to pick a boxer to punch a future opponent at a press conference, you would probably pick a guy who has literally punched a future opponent at a press conference. In February 2012, Haye got into a fight with Dereck Chisora at a press conference following Chisora’s fight with Vitali Klitschko. Then at the weigh-ins for Haye’s last fight against Dereck Chisora, the fighters had to beĀ separated by a chain link fence. Instead, we’re just left with these hilarious gifs of the 24-year old Fury acting like a total goofball while Haye rolls his eyes and remind himself that in a few months he will get paid to try and hurt this annoying person.




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