Roundup: Rappers Are Lying About Their Wealth, Canadian Cheerleaders, You'll Never Look at Pool Floats the Same Way Again

Vogue And MAC Cosmetics Dinner Hosted By Lisa Love And John Demsey In Honor Of Prabal Gurung At The Chateau MarmontDiane Kruger is starring in that new FX show, “The Bridge.” … Ohio Man gets lovey-dovey with pool float (and arrested). … Meanwhile in Colorado a man hides in porta-potty at yoga festival. … And in Florida man hides camera in bathroom to see if stepdaughter has pelvic tattoos. … Police found drugs in Marshall Henderson’s car. … Lakers waived Metta World Peace. … Fun Tumblr: Baseball Card Vandals. … Twitter maps America’s favorite burgers. … Worst hospital in the world? … It’s Friday, time to let it all out and dance. . … Free advice: Don’t rent a car for three days and then keep it six months. Not smart. … Chris Perez ticked off most items on the stoner’s checklist when police searched his house. … Neymar’s dad made out pretty well in his transfer to Barcelona. … Bradley Beal admits it probably came back “too soon.” … MLB At Bat app turns five and has been downloaded 21 million times. (Not bad for a dying sport.)  … Two players from school founded by Deion Sanders ruled ineligible. … Wayne Rooney tore his hamstring. … Cool graph charting MLB attendance figures throughout history. … Wrigley Field gets a Jumbotron! … Cute kitten found in London tube!!! … Happy 54th birthday Charlie Murphy. … Don’t like this roundup so far? Deal with it.

Golf in China is booming Jerry, booming. [NYT]

Is this the “hottest cheerleader” in the Canada? A blog states its case. [Pro Cheerleader Heaven]

Most rappers are lying about their wealth. [Businessweek]

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you should know about Army Man. [SplitSider]

An oral history of “Major League.” [The Score]

Cocaine trafficking is ravaging West Africa. [Vice]

‘Grown Ups 2’ receives the gentleman’s F. [AV Club]

Baseball bat justice. [HyperVocal]

“Comedy Bang! Bang!” returns tonight. It’s as they say, a funny show. [Hollywood Reporter]

Somebody put a lot of thought into the plot holes in “The Mighty Ducks.” [College Humor]

The inventor of Twister has died. [AP]

Andrei Kirilenko is a Brooklyn Net. [NYDN]

What the frack is up with these earthquakes? [Mother Jones]

Which state drinks the most beer? Answer might surprise you. [WallSt.com]

Is America ready for the adventures of “Beige Man”? [TVMWW]

And somewhere out there a Yankees fan wants to deal CC Sabathia for Jurickson Profar. [WFAN Audio]

Remember that long article about Lindsay Lohan’s most recent movie trainwreck? Here’s the trailer for it.

Holy Ron Barr! EA’s NHL 14 will feature NHL 94 Anniversary Mode.

Bet you wish your kids scored goals like they do in this Barcelona youth team goal montage.

Speaking of Steve Delabar, he was profiled on HBO’s Real Sports once upon a time. (Worth watching before you mock his All-Star nod.)

Fun safari.

Yo La Tengo.

Because you want to see it first!

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