Monta Ellis Signs 3-year, $30 Million Deal with Dallas, Mavericks Drop Out of Andrew Wiggins Race

monta_ellisMonta Ellis, the scoring machine who never met a shot he didn’t like, signed a 3-year, $30 million deal with Dallas. It’s a puzzling move by the Mavericks, who could have gone the “just find a warm body” route this year, won 20 games, and been in the mix to win the Andrew Wiggins lottery.

Instead, the Mavericks signed point guard Jose Calderon (4-years, $29 million) and Friday landed Ellis, who I enjoy watching hover around rim and make terribly difficult shots. Efficiency and making teammates better? Not so much.

So what was Dallas thinking? Perhaps a healthy Dirk can draw some double teams, giving open 3-pointers to Calderon and Ellis?

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Last year, they signed OJ Mayo, I scoffed, and Mayo actually had a solid year (started hot, tailed off). Despite Dirk missing 29 games due to injury, Mayo (along with others) helped Dallas finish 41-41, good for 10th in the West and a weak lottery pick.

The Mavericks ended up drafting Miami point guard Shane Larkin, who I’m bullish on, but he already broke his ankle. He’s expected back for training camp.

A lineup of Calderon, Ellis, the Matrix, Dirk and Brandan Wright should be good for another 40-ish wins, no playoffs, and a pick in the 10-14 range. Dallas has no bench, three starters will be 32 or older when the season begins, and the West is loaded. I’ve got Minnesota and Portland ahead of Dallas right now.

Enjoy mediocrity.

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