Anna Benson Was Implicated in a 1996 Murder, Led Police On Nationwide Manhunt

Anna BensonAnna Benson was just arrested for allegedly trying to rob her ex-husband at gunpoint. This was not her first brush with the law. Anna Warren, then 19, disappeared for five months in 1996, after a warrant was issued for her arrest in a murder that happened in the Tennessee apartment she shared with her boyfriend. The ensuing manhunt was featured on America’s Most Wanted.

Police determined there were five people in the apartment at the time of the murder – but two of them, Warren and Dejongh, were nowhere to be found. The pair were last seen driving a stolen 1992 red Lexus on Interstate 75 toward Georgia.

Benson was found five months later with purple hair and a tongue ring. Charges against her were dropped. Though some remain convinced of her guilt.

“When the argument happened in the apartment, it was because the victim said something Anna didn’t like,” Assistant Chief Clyde Cowan said.

Witnesses told investigators that Warren urged Dejongh to “get rid of” Evans.

“That could have meant, ‘Throw him out of the house,’ but (Dejongh) took it to mean murder.

“She was very controlling of (her boyfriend),” Cowan said. “He pretty much did whatever she wanted him to do.”

Anna met Kris Benson less than two years later, working as a dancer in Nashville.

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