Cleveland Indians Fan Caught Four Different Foul Balls Today

Cleveland Fan Goes 4 for 4

In what has to be a truly rare occurrence, Greg Van Niel, a Cleveland Indians season ticket holder, ended up with four different foul balls today. They were the first, second, third and fourth foul balls he has caught in his lifetime, showing there is little predictiveness in being a past winner at the foul ball game.

If you were wondering where his seats were so you can see if four-bolted lightning can strike twice, here you go.

After his amazing fortune on Sunday, Van Niel did offer some advice for fellow Indians fans: “We had the exchange tickets, so yeah, I’m going to try to get these seats for next year. Row FF, Section 160, Seat 3 if you’re looking for tickets – it’s the magic seat.”

Here is video of the final catch via mlb video:


Because you want to see it first!

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