Joe Blanton Attacked a Gatorade Jug, Pitching Coach Mike Butcher Didn't Like That, Had to be Held Back [Video]

joe-blanton-crazy-faceJoe Blanton, in another substandard performance for the Angels, gave up four runs on five hits in four innings Sunday during a 4-3 Angels loss. After getting run in the bottom of the 5th without recording an out, Blanton took his frustrations to the dugout where he attacked a Gatorade jug. It looks like Blanton has words with someone and then pitching coach Mike Butcher has to be held back from Blanton.

The official story is that Blanton and catcher Chris Iannetta were arguing about a “miscommunication” and Butcher stepped in to play peacemaker. I like to think Butcher was standing next to Blanton because the Gatorade jug could not.

Though wins and losses are a useless statistic, Blanton is now 2-12 on the season.

Because you want to see it first!

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