Aaron Hernandez Life In Jail: Wearing Jets Green and Reading "Tuesdays With Morrie"

Aaron Hernandez at arraignment

Aaron Hernandez is now spending his days in a cell that is 7 foot by 10 foot, smaller than the doghouse/dollhouse located in his back yard at the mansion where he was living before his arrest. The ACLU has complained about Hernandez being locked in a cell the “size of a parking spot”, according to this feature in the Boston Globe.

Hernandez is kept away from his fellow inmates right now because of his high profile, and gets only three different one hour sessions outside of the cell each day, including an exercise hour in a cage.

Hernandez has been described as a model prisoner so far by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson. The uniform Hernandez is wearing is a solid dark green, described as similar to the Jets’ colors. He also gets two books to read, and Hodgson has sent him Tuesdays With Morrie. What kind of monster would recommend he read Mitch Albom? Someone known as Attila the Hun, of course:

Hernandez goes from the playbook of coach Bill Belichick to the rulebook of the Bristol County sheriff, who says he has been called Attila the Hun by liberals. Hodgson has been on the job since 1997 to the delight of taxpayers who don’t want pampered prisoners.

Hodgson is controversial. In 1999, he started a voluntary unpaid chain gang work unit and received a fax from China condemning it as a human rights violation. The irony makes him smile.

Forced to wear Jets Green, forced to read Albom, and a sheriff known as Attila? The ACLU has plenty of material to use in its complaint.

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