Mike Francesa Was Wearing a Coral Shirt, Not a Pink Shirt Today, Ok [Video]

Mike Francesa, the WFAN radio host, didn’t take too kindly (surprise, surprise) when a caller made a novel suggestion how struggling Mets’ first baseman Ike Davis could improve at the plate. The caller suggested Davis should wear a pink shirt akin to the one Francesa was wearing during Tuesday’s remote at Citi Field.

It was a ludicrous, mindless talk-radio call. The only thing that makes sense is the caller was trying to wind up the big guy. If so, the caller got the desired result since Francesa got upset and stated he was wearing a coral-colored shirt, not a pink one.

The Sports Pope then dismissed the caller in classic Francesa fashion, “you should have a shirt this color, ’cause it’s a very sharp shirt but you probably woouldn’t know that because you have no taste.”

Kiss the ring, folks

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