Vanderbilt Youth Baseball Camp Features a Lesson on Properly Observing the National Anthem [Video]

Tim Corbin has been the head baseball coach at Vanderbilt since 2003. He’s the 2007 National Coach of the Year as well and a two-time SEC Coach of the Year and during his tenure, Vandy has won the SEC three times. This video is from a youth baseball camp Vanderbilt hosted this summer. Corbin takes time out of the days activities to show the young campers the appropriate way to stand and honor the National Anthem.

On the surface, this may seem silly. Corbin is acting like a too-serious old school coach who needs to lighten up. Not so fast.

This is the 2013 Vanderbilt baseball team that Corbin managed to a 54-12 record, SEC Championship and NCAA Super Regional appearance. That doesn’t look like a team with a stuffy coach. It often takes a tragedy for people to remember how important The Star-Spangled Banner is and what it represents. Good for Corbin teaching young men the National Anthem is something that deserves respect every time.

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