Ricochet the Surf Dog Helps Children With Special Needs, Might Be the Greatest Dog Alive [Video]

This ESPN feature on Ricochet, a gifted dog that helps children with special needs, originally debuted on SportsCenter in mid-May. Somehow though, the touching segment managed to elude us until today. Judging by just 19,000+ views on the video, perhaps you missed it too. It’s a pretty outstanding story, one that’s a mortal lock to induce chills, warm the heart, and likely cause an impromptu waterfall.

There’s just one catch: An astute attention span will be required in order to appreciate its greatness. Sorry, there’s no drive-by GIF or inventive Vine, but the eight minutes of footage is absolutely worth taking the time to watch.

If anyone happens to have Ricochet’s address handy, please forward it at once, as I’d like to FedEx a box of milk bones to this delightful dog.

Because you want to see it first!

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