Roundup: Massive Heroin Bust, Keith Olbermann Prank Call Classics, Remember Ronnie Fields?

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Lucky One" - Red CarpetTaylor Schilling, star of the new Netflix show “Orange is the New Black.” (Solid pilot episode, FYI.) .. Your favorite show probably got snubbed by the Emmys. … Kobe ahead of schedule?Detroit will file Chapter 9. … Rangers close on Matt Garza. … Lorenzen Wright’s murder remains unsolved. … World’s best or world’s worst mom? … Seahawks fans plotting to buy brick in 49ers new digs. … Huge heroin bust in Utah…. The Grand Archives is a Tumblr you’ll look at all day, every day. … Josh Brent retires from the NFL. … A son of Jerry Sandusky’s wants name change. … ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ will do a crossover episode. Meh. … Who put the bowl in the Burger King meal? Paint my chicken choop! … Starter Jackets are trying to make a comeback. … Let’s start some Paul George to the Lakers speculation. … It sure would be nice to be back in college. … Eric Andre wants to host the VMAs. … ‘Back to the Future’ Legos? Yes and please! … Mini Full House reunion. … Dragon skulls on the beach. … Happy Birthday Rick Ankiel and Phil Coke.  

Discovery of “Pandoraviruses” are blowing the minds of scientists. [National Geographic]

An interview with the Iron Sheik, Philly-style (fair warning). [The 700 Level]

Jack Handey is funnier than all of us put together, or that’s what they tell me. [NYT]

There’s a documentary-type film about former prep hoops star Ronnie Fields available online. [Slam Online]

The story behind the yellow 1st-down marker. [SI]

The state of Wyoming only has two escalators. (Sounds appealing, honestly.) [The Atlantic]

Premier League takes action to block a streaming host site. [BBC]

From earlier in the week, but a great profile on Yoenis Cespedes’ family journey from Cuba. [SF Chronicle]

David Beckham ought to bring MLS directly to South Beach. [Miami Herald]

Whitehorse City Council Ad will rock your socks off. [HyperVocal]

Hunger strike across California prisons. [Vice]

A columnist says goodbye after 32 years. [Baltimore Sun]

Blackhawks prospects drop the gloves in training camp. [Puck Daddy]

10 NFL careers that were way too short. [NFL]

A tour of San Francisco, via The Room. [AV Club]

Keith Olbermann needs to incorporate a prank call segment into his new ESPN2 show. This clip is pure 90s gold. Keith breaking down Lenny Dykstra on the fly is pure poetry.

Nick Saban has no time for your predictions, media! (That said, he lands a point.)

Chris Davis hit 37 homers before the All-Star Break. Here they all are.

Queens of the Stone Age in concert. Enjoy.

Because you want to see it first!

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