Yasiel Puig Getting Sued For $12 Million, Accused of Being "Informant" For Cuban Government

puig is really having an amazing week

Dodgers star Yasiel Puig is being sued for $12 million in Miami Federal Court, by a man claiming Puig’s false testimony led to his conviction and torture for human trafficking.

Puig and his mother testified in a 2010 trial in which Corbacho Daudinot was convicted of human trafficking – basically, of plotting Puig’s escape from Cuba. Corbacho Daudinot denies he ever offered to help Puig defect.

Corbacho Daudinot alleges that Puig knowingly made false claims against him to demonstrate  allegiance to the Cuban government, and be reinstated in the country’s top baseball league and national-team program. According to the suit, Puig was demoted to his Cuban league team’s developmental squad because the government suspected him of wanting to flee the island.

The plaintiff is still in Cuba, but can sue in the United States under the 1991 Torture Victim Prevention Act. His lawyers filed a similar suit against Aroldis Chapman last year.

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