NFL Jersey Sales: Ryan Tannehill Ahead of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers?

Colin Kaepernick has tattoos so a columnist compared him to an inmateNFL Jersey sales from April 1-June 30, according to the NFL Shop:

1 Colin Kaepernick
2 Russell Wilson
3 Robert Griffin III
4 Adrian Peterson
5 Peyton Manning
6 Ryan Tannehill
7 Tom Brady
8 Ray Lewis
9 Aaron Rodgers
10 Brian Urlacher

A stunning list, but after some thought, a few theories:

1) Kaepernick & Wilson weren’t a huge deal until late in the season, and both vaulted into the stratosphere with splendid postseason performances. Locks to be starters this year, fans went hog wild scooping up their jerseys in the offseason. Both teams are projected as leading Super Bowl contenders next season.

2) Andrew Luck didn’t make the list because ever since he was drafted, people have been buying his jersey. I’m not surprised we didn’t see a spike in three offseason months, even though Luck’s going to once again be a Top 10-ish QB in the NFL.

3) Tannehill is the big surprise. Good, not great, rookie year. The Dolphins are not very good right now, and won’t be a playoff team. The only thing that makes sense is that nobody bought his jersey during the season, and decided after the season to grab ’em. And Brady and Rodgers have been popular for years. Obligatory wife comment here.

4) Joe Flacco was the MVP of the Super Bowl, yet he’s nowhere on this list. Ron Jaworski is outraged.

5) Guys I think who could crack the Top 10 next time this list is out (whenever that is): Brees (Super Bowl contender again), Revis (new team), Spiller (stud), Watt (beast).

Because you want to see it first!

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