Jimmy Butler Apologizes For Lewd T-Shirt, Explains He Only Wore It Because It Matched His Shoes


Jimmy Butler wore this shirt that says “PUSSY MONEY & WEED” sometime in 2012. Yesterday, the picture showed up on Terez Owens. It’s a young man wearing a lewd, but kind of amusing t-shirt. Not that big a deal. Still, Butler took to Twitter this morning to apologize. Via¬†@Mr_2eight1:

In regards to the picture that is circulating… It was early last year and the shirt simply matched my shoes. In no way do I support the message written on the shirt. I sincerely apologize to any of my fans who may have been offended. Much love, JB.

So Butler does not agree with the message of pussy, money and weed. He simply likes to match. I think we can all appreciate that.

[via Chicago Sun-Times]

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