Aaron Hernandez: Grand Jury Convening Over July 2012 Double Murder

Aaron Hernandez at arraignment

A Suffolk County grand jury is hearing evidence against Aaron Hernandez in regard to the July 2012 double murder of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, the Boston Globe reports. “The case against Hernandez appears to be strengthening,” an anonymous official told the paper. One of the theories that has been floated is that the motive for the Odin Lloyd murder is that he knew Hernandez was involved in the previously unsolved crime from 2012. Hernandez also reportedly rented a SUV with Rhode Island plates that was linked to that double homicide.

If this matter is at the grand jury stage, then it is just a matter of time before Hernandez is indicted on two more murders, which occurred before he started playing last season, and just six weeks before he signed his contract extension with the Patriots.

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