Bill Belichick Addressed the Media, While Aaron Hernandez Appeared in Court for First Time Since June

Bill Belichick held a press conference today, ahead of training camp, to speak to the Aaron Hernandez situation (even if he did not use his name) before the players will face the questions that are sure to come. It will, I’m sure, not satisfy some. I’m not sure what Bill Belichick is going to say to please everyone. He said more than was expected, even if he did devolve to coach speak and talking about the team. He talked about being “personally disappointed and hurt in a situation like this.” We can criticize the team for taking some chances, but let’s face it, taking a chance on a guy because of a weed reputation probably doesn’t always have “player involved in murder” as the most common outcome.

Meanwhile, simultaneous to Bill speaking, Hernandez appeared in court for a probable cause hearing, sporting a suit and some facial hair grown during his time in prison.

Aaron Hernandez beard

 [photo via @MShamburger1]

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