Women's Rugby Players Are Also Tougher Than You [Video]

This video comes from the Women’s Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow earlier this month. The clip starts with this image:


That’s Australia’s Sharni Williams. She’s getting attention from a trainer and stuffing things up her nose to stop the bleeding because she’s a rugby player. Before the action starts back up, she cleans herself off with the water bottle a little spray to her shorts and oh god she’s spraying the blood from her nose with orange Gatorade …


Well, that certainly has to be the end of this, right? Wrong. When the ball comes back in play, Williams and England’s┬áHeather Fisher both go for the ball. The resulting collision is devastating.


Both women took a knee to the face. Both are slow to get up. The video has to stop there, right? That has to be it. Nope. After the trainer tends to Fisher and play continues, Williams goes on to score the try. Williams was given the nickname “Woman of Steel” following the game.


Because you want to see it first!

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