Lake County Captains - the Cleveland Indians Class A Team - Will Hold Sharknado Promotion Night

cassie-scerbo-sharknado-1Sharknado took the Internet by storm (*spins bow tie*) just a couple weeks ago. On August 15th, Cleveland Indians’ Class-A affiliate, Lake Count Captains will hold a Sharknado promotion. Their press release is as over the top as the movie that inspired the promotion. From MiLB.com:

With the recent SHARKNADO in Los Angeles and another one forecasted to strike New York in 2014, the Captains fired up Classic Park Dual-Doppler Skipper 2010+ to determine if Northeast Ohio was in any danger. After seeing the results, and upon consultation with all of the leading weather experts and marine biologists, the Captains determined that the SHARKNADO will hit Eastlake on August 15 and that sharks will be scooped up out of the waters of Lake Erie and will be falling on fans from the roof top at Classic Park.

That sounds pretty serious. Especially the part about sharks in Lake Erie.

Heavy security will be hand as the Captains are preparing for a shiver of sharks in the concourse and on the field during the game. The sharks, which may or may not be humans dressed in shark costumes, will be involved in on-field promos throughout the night.

So there is a chance this isn’t real? The team will hand out shark gummies, temproary tattoos and “shark repellent.” And in case all that shark stuff isn’t enough, they will also have gaming tables for “local card sharks.”¬†They appear to have all the different types of sharks covered. My one request is that the¬†Captains invite Cassie Scerbo to throw out the first pitch. Otherwise, they have failed.

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[via MILB.com via The Artist Formerly Known as Cursed]

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