Dane De La Rosa Got Funny Looks From Fans & Teammates While Saving Injured Pigeon [Video]

During the 3rd inning of Thursday’s Angels – A’s game, Los Angeles reliever Dane De La Rosa noticed an injured pigeon near the Angels’ bullpen. De La Rosa picked up the bird, held it and then carried it into the dugout where the trainers could look at it. On his way, De La Rosa got some funny looks from both fans and teammates which you can see below. The pigeon was flying taking a bus to see Dr. James Aviandrews (the Ostrichpedic Surgeon) and get an MRI on Friday morning.


“This is going to get me so many re-Vines!”


“I love birds so much. I wish I was a bird. I wish he was carrying me.”


“That is so disgusting. Those birds are carrying so many diseases.”


“Can I write my number on that dead bird?”


[Caption deleted. Everything I thought of would have been read as a stereotype.]


“It feels so good to get out to a game after another tough day as a Family Guy extra.”


The winner for best reaction to Dane De La Rosa saving an injured pigeon goes to his teammate, Clayton Cowgill.

[MLB, Bird Pun via @Spencer096 & @RexDangerSeeker]

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