Dee Liner, Alabama Freshman, Posted Instagram With Wad of Cash

dee liner cash instagram 2Dee Liner, a four-star Alabama freshman at defensive end and all-name team fixture, posted a picture of himself with a wad of cash on Instagram, with the hashtags “Day 1” and “Struggle Over Wit $$$.”

Interpret that how you will. Fans of Auburn, the rival school he was committed to until January, certainly have. He’s not the only high-profile SEC recruit to be caught out by Instagram stalkers. Profiting grossly from college athletics is unseemly, unless you’re employed in some administrative capacity.

Guessing this gets pursued with the same vigor the NCAA, which can access bank records, deployed looking into how Trent Richardson, then an unemployed father of two, was able to get pulled over in a $40,000 SUV and blame his large rims for throwing off the speedometer.

The veneer is the important thing, for the sport and majority of the media that covers it.

If only Johnny Manziel had set a better example for his SEC brethren…

Because you want to see it first!

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