PJ Hairston Was Driving His Girlfriend's Car 93 MPH in a 65 MPH Zone and Here Are Some Photos of Said Girlfriend

randi lee furr pj hairston girlfriendpj hairston girlfriendPJ Hairston, the North Carolina shooting guard, was suspended by the University late Sunday night after he was popped by police going 93 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. The incident comes six days after Hairston was cleared from all charges relating to a June traffic stop. Hairston’s speed racer moment surprises exactly nobody who follows college hoops, as Hairston has been a hot mess and in trouble with the law – or the NCAA – since the season ended.

A summer suspension! Way to drop the hammer, Roy. The season doesn’t begin for another four months. The Tar Heels play defending champ Louisville in their 4th game; loaded Michigan State in game six. So Hairston will get a three-game suspension, probably.

randi lee furr and pj hairston uncpj hairston randi lee furrSince I know you’re wondering what kind of car Hairston was driving, it was a 2008 Acura TL. Who hooked Hairston up with the ride this time? Nothing nefarious – Rachel Axon reports the Acura belongs to his girlfriend, Randi Lee Furr. Before we get back to Hairston, let’s spend a moment on Miss Furr, shall we? Her twitter handle is “Warm Brown Sugar.” She is a frequent tweeter, still trying to grasp Vine, and very fluent in Instagram. She’s tweeted out all of these photos, and I’m sure you’ll focus on the checkered shirt (?) number. I’m not sure why there are massive holes in her pants (tights?) but surely one of the many female commenters can quickly clear this up. Either way, spectacular sartorial selection.

I’m sure the NCAA will plunge into a deep background check on Randi Lee, just to make sure she’s not the daughter of a booster or Someone That Matters.

Hairston? Unlike Johnny Manziel, who is just having fun, you’re actually blowing it.

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