Roundup: ESPN Loses NBA Writer, Papelbon Rips Phillies & Scary Story of a Swarm of 30,000 Bees Attacking People & Ponies

alexis knappAlexis Knapp … scary: 30,000 bees swarm couple, end up killing two ponies … RIP radio host Kidd KraddickOrca grabs dolphin in the air … this is terribly wrong and will end up being a big story … idiot tries to rob gun store with baseball bat … how did this famed hacker die? … there’s a pay-to-stay-in-jail program in California … Juror talks about changing from 2nd degree murder to acquittalSpain has a twitter hotel, where hookups appear easy … gunman in Florida kills six before police can kill him … TV show executive producer pleads guilty in gambling ring tied to Russian mob … this GIF is probably ancient, but that doesn’t make it any less funny … a squirrel in LA had the plague? … he’s going to win this workmen’s comp case, right? … bride, best man, die in boat crash two weeks before the wedding … the girl Anthony Weiner was sexting did a bikini photo shoot

Would you like to know every college football team’s record vs. the spread in conference play over last 10 years? Of course you would. [David Purdum Sports]

Hasn’t this been known for years? You don’t pay big money for MLB stars over 30. [Atlantic]

NBA writer Chris Palmer is leaving ESPN. [Inside Hoops]

Dan Koppen, the Denver Broncos center, suffered a torn ACL and is lost for the season. [Denver Post]

Jonathan Papelbon, the Phillies closer, rips the team and club, says major changes need to happen. [MLB.com]

Terrific story about how a nurse in the stands at a basketball game saved a player’s life. [Charlotte Observer]

Meghan McCain is getting her own TV show. [Washington Post]

“Radio host and former UT football player Erik Ainge was arrested early Sunday morning on DUI charges.” [WATE]

Rex Ryan and Jeff Weeks, college buddies, are together again. [NY Daily News]

David Shaw doesn’t seem to want to pay college football players. “I like to say that our job is to teach these guys how to make a living and not have them make a living in college.” If it hurts him in recruiting, the Jets will probably need a new coach next year. [CBS Sports]

Marcus Camby, 39, has signed a 1-year deal with the Rockets. [Chronicle]

“Greece’s Unemployed Young: A Great Depression Steals the Nation’s Future.” [Business Week]

JaVale McGee at the Drew League. He dunked. A few times.

Bears seem really cool! A life of scratching your back against a tree seems awesome.

Kevin Durant also toyed around in the Drew League. This dunk … don’t you wish you were taller so you could dunk? Anyone can score a TD, hit a home run, score a goal … I wonder what the percentage of humans is in the United States that can dunk?

I’m old. This video has 35 million views. I only learned about it this past weekend. Yes, I saw Pitch Perfect a few weeks ago (wasn’t bad). I’ve never seen anyone put this video on Facebook or tweet it, and nobody ever emailed it to me. I don’t commute so I rarely listen to the radio in the car. My 2-year old loves this, though, so I heard it enough this weekend to make up for all the lost time.

Because you want to see it first!

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