Miami Heat Russian Nesting Dolls Feature Giant LeBron James and Very Tiny Chris Bosh


Chris Bosh. Poor Chris Bosh. Reddit user cremefraiche9 (Related!) uploaded this picture after seeing these Miami Heat Russian nesting dolls in – where else – Russia. As you can see, LeBron is the big doll with Wade being made to scale. Then, many, many steps down the size and importance ladder is the little Chris Bosh doll. According to the uplodaer, the two dolls between Wade and Bosh are Mario Chamlers and Ray Allen. While this is probably just a shot at Chris Bosh, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there is no black paint on the front of the LeBron doll’s head.

Now, I know this takes some of the humor away from the original picture, but here are two other versions of Miami Heat nesting dolls. The one on the left was uploaded by another Reddit user. For some reason, Chalmers gets second billing, but at least Bosh is bigger than Udonis Halsem. The Miami New-Times found the dolls on the right on Etsy. Chris Bosh is in his rightful third-banana position with Shane Battier bringing up the rear. I can only assume that in each of these sets there is a 6th doll which is a giant, colorful Birdman.


[Reddit via Dime Magazine]

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