Roundup: Brian Williams Raps Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Free Agents Pass on Oklahoma City & Cute Girl Does Social Experiment in the Street

jade_lagardereJade Lagardere, a Belgian model … Cassie goes to the beach, cameras follow … deputies shoot unarmed man getting a cigarette out of his car … what is this animal some people trapped and told a TV station about? … 16-year old busted with $10k of Oxy in upscale Jersey town … cop selfies … woman takes golf club to her husband’s SUV … here’s another one for Breaking Bad fans … yikes: “Brain-Eating Amoeba Case Closes Arkansas Water Park” … a mind-boggling video about hipsters in St. Louis …a stripper’s life in boomtown, North Dakota … news that surprises nobody – twitter’s the place to be for breaking news … it’s Poynter confirming my story about ESPN hiring NFL beat bloggers … “Understanding Out-of-Wedlock Births in Black America” …

Oklahoma City can’t recruit free agents. Turned down by Dorrell Wright and Mike Miller? Ouch. [Oklahoman]

Peter Gammons is launching his own website, Gammons Daily. [Sports Business Daily]

Tino Martinez speaks to Ken Rosenthal: “Do you realize I’m out of baseball basically because a couple of players didn’t pick up balls in the cage when I asked them to? As a coach, when I asked them to pick up the balls, why didn’t they just say, ‘Absolutely, no problem, I’ll do it right now.’ ” [Fox Sports]

Jay Williams, the college basketball analyst, is a diverse cat: “Williams has agreed to become managing partner for the Leverage Agency, a sports, entertainment and media marketing company.” [Herald Sun]

When the NYT does longform, it really, really does a good job. [Times]

The NFL’s all-bad contract team. [Grantland]

That high-risk loan Vince Young took out in 2011 during the NFL lockout? Well, the bank is coming, and pretty much taking what they want. [KHou]

Should Reddit Be Blamed for the Spreading of a Smear? [NYT Magazine]

Lane Kiffin will be closing USC football practice during the season. [LA Times]

The best news bloopers from July. At a minimum, watch the little girl dancing at :30. [Hot Clicks]

What happens when a cute girl in daisy dukes randomly asks guys on the street if they want to have sex with her? [via Herbie]

Man – allegedly on mushrooms – goes berzerk, grabbing a police officer’s gun around the 1:06 mark. It took multiple officers to control this kid.

Brian Williams raps Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch on NBC. Great job, Jimmy Fallon. [via Cartmaniak]

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