Drew Brees Tipping $3 on Takeout Food is a Story? How? Why?

drew brees and sonDrew Brees, the $100 million QB of the Saints, left a $3 tip on a $74 takeout food order recently. I was blissfully unaware of this silly story until I was driving to Starbucks this morning and heard Mike & Mike discussing it. Obviously, this means the story is a few days old, but I’m actually pleased not one person emailed it to me (no idea where the story originated, don’t care), and I didn’t see one tweet or Facebook mention of it.


Anyway, ESPN’s Darren Rovell pretty much summed up my thoughts on Tip Gate (isn’t every remotely controversial story required to have ‘Gate’ attached to it?) this morning – complete non-story. Does anyone tip 20 percent on takeout? If you’ve got to drive to the eatery, park and walk inside to pick up your food, 20% is completely unnecessary. Ten percent? Five percent? I firmly believe that’s up to the discretion of the tipper. It might also have to do with how regularly you visit the eating establishment.

And if you play the “he just got $60 million guaranteed last July!” card … well, nobody’s going to go there, right?

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