High School Football Player Stabbed, But Fends Off Two Knife-Wielding Muggers [VIDEO]

Brett Sterbach, a high school football running back who had just played in the Shrine Bowl in Kansas, was attacked by two knife-wielding muggers at a gas station, and stabbed in the process. Video from the Kansas City star shows the muggers approaching Sterbach, who was in the backseat while his family went inside for snacks. Here’s the best part: Sterbach, who is only 5-foot-7, 155 pounds, was able to wrest a knife away from one of the attackers – after he was stabbed in the leg – and then fought back, stabbing them and chasing them until he realized his leg was covered in blood. From the Star:

“These two guys come up to my car and one knocked on the window to ask for something,” Brett said. “I opened the door and, as soon as I did, they pulled a knife on me and said, ‘Give me all your money.’”

“I hung up my phone and acted like I was going to put it in my pocket,” Brett said. “He had the knife at my rib level, so I pushed it down because I didn’t want it near any vital organs. He pushed it forward at the same time, and that’s when I must have been stabbed in the leg, but I didn’t even feel it go in.”

Quick thinking, kid. Police later watched the entire surveillance video (not online yet) and told Sterbach he stabbed one of the attackers five times in the collarbone area. [via KC Star]

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