Erin Andrews "dresses like a casino cocktail waitress," Says Phil Mushnick

phil mushnick shrugs his shoulders at youerin-andrewsPhil Mushnick wrote a new column today. I didn’t read it but based on the title (“Dick Young wouldn’t recognize MLB today”) I assume it has to be about how things were better a long time ago. (Years mentioned early in the column include: 1915, 1930 and 1987!) Anyway, the column appears to be a few hundred words about how players don’t run anymore. And then out of left field – like Stan Musial hustling to the dugout after the third out! – comes a shot at FOX Sports 1’s Erin Andrews. From the New York Post:

* Now I get it. Judging from her latest publicity shots, Erin Andrews, first with ESPN, now with Fox, still wants to be regarded as a serious journalist — who dresses like a casino cocktail waitress.

So Phil Mushnick doesn’t like the way Erin Andrews dresses. It’s a hot sports take during the hottest month of the year. And such a fresh take too. This is the apple pie of takes. To review, here are a few other things Phil Mushnick doesn’t like – Florida Gulf Coast University, teenage Olympic gymnasts small breasts, the New York N—–s (Brooklyn Nets) uniforms and Erin Andrews. We didn’t have to deal with any of this bullshit in 1915. I can tell you that much.


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