Roundup: A Fitting 'Breaking Bad' Refresher Course, Dead Sharks, What To Do When Someone Steals Your iPhone

Roundup: A Fitting 'Breaking Bad' Refresher Course, Dead Sharks, What To Do When Someone Steals Your iPhone


Roundup: A Fitting 'Breaking Bad' Refresher Course, Dead Sharks, What To Do When Someone Steals Your iPhone

IGN And Focus Features Comic-Con 2013 Party Presented By The World's EndLyndsy Fonseca, from “Kick Ass 2.” … Chris Culliver blew out his ACL. … Cutting yourself out of a shark, no big deal. … Ariel Castro, good riddance. … Florida couple breaks into school, has sex then decides to break a vending machine as result of “Beer Munchies.” (As you do.) … MLB and A-Rod still “far apart” on a settlement. … 12-year-old sets new Jeopardy! record… Dead shark Part II: Nantucket version… Woman gives birth in the Big House parking lot. … Clint Dempsey spotted in airport, in transfer talks with EvertonBrian Wilson is (or has a friend on payroll) good at photoshop. … 80-degree weather recorded in Greenland yesterday. … The Chiefs’ OC thinks Alex Smith is the best quarterback in the NFL. (Is he going to say otherwise on the record?) … So much talk about sharks, how about a flounder? … Rap lyrics help cops solve 2007 murder in Virginia. … Tumblr of the week: Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone. .. Kiefer Sutherland got drunk in Calgary. (Isn’t 24 coming back, or something?) … Uruguay is about to legalize weed… Fun fact: this was my plan for writing this roundup. …. Jabo Lee’s coach is angry at Tennessee. … EPL-branded subway cars descend on New York City. (Definitely the way to win over the hearts and minds, NBC.) … Visualizing WiFi. … … Happy 23rd birthday Skylar Diggins. … Good luck to the New York Cosmos, who play their first game in a couple decades Saturday night on Long Island. … The standard reaction after finishing this section.

Chris Herren is five years sober. [FoxSports]

The Jets, being the Jets, found a way to screw up the J-E-T-S chant. [Turn on the Jets]

Tsarnaev cover was perfect ‘click bait’ (print-style) for Rolling Stone. [HyperVocal]

NCAA slightly tweaks its March Madness bracket seeding format. []

Jason Whitlock adds his opinion on the Riley Cooper story. [FoxSports]

Catching up with 1980s video babes. [Noblemania]

The writer of ‘Cool Runnings’ and ‘Little Giants’ was strung out on heroin when he wrote them. He did an AMA Thursday. [Reddit]

One of my favorite basic-cable characters, Tickle, is getting his own special. (Olivier-caliber acting performances guaranteed from this one.)  [Discovery]

The Detroit Tigers help make a dying sportswriter’s afternoon. Here’s the letter he wrote thanking the organization. [Montreal Gazette]

Some actual math and science (sorta) behind a zombie outbreak. [LiveScience]

Improving the American League logos. [Bless You Boys]

Philly Sports Twitter again proves why it sits alone atop the 140-character mountain. [NESN]

Fives years of Breaking Bad via Etch-a-Sketch. (Spoilers)

Johnny Knoxville in “Bad Grandpa.” (As always, can amusing three-minute sketch translate into a 90 minute movie?)

Just play the game, plumber boy.

WFAN caller thinks A-Rod will ‘Do something stupid’ if banned for life. [Via @WFANAudio]

A nifty re-cut of a trailer for “Apocalypse Now.”

Washed Out.

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