Peyton Manning and His Broncos Teammates Went for a Slide on the Wet Turf During Last Night's Scrimmage Rain Delay [Video]

Last night was a big family scrimmage night for teams around the league, including in Denver. The weather did not exactly cooperate, as the evening’s scrimmage was delayed by rain storms. However, the Broncos treated the fans to a water-filled sliding exhibition during the delay. Peyton Manning even got involved, and you can see him go face first into the end zone at about the 0:32 mark. The best part? Even when it comes to water slides, Manning is directing traffic and calling audibles. You can see him motion with a point to a teammate before going in for the slide.

Once the scrimmage got going, Manning was his usual sharp self, going 4 for 6 for 56 yards. Wes Welker was the target on  3 of the 6 attempts. He connected with Demaryius Thomas on a touchdown as well.

Manning on his pre-scrimmage slip n slide. An ode to Bull Durham.

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