Charlie Culberson Receives Warm Welcome by Pirates Fans Sitting Behind Colorado Dugout After Striking Out [GIFs]


Charlie Culberson, Colorado’s second baseman, was called out looking on a Francisco Liriano pitch in the 7th inning of the Pirates-Rockies game Saturday. Culberson flipped his bat and headed to the dugout, where he was greeted with enthusiasm by Pirates fans who are loving life now that their team is 1.5 games up in the NL Central.

This girl seemed oblivious to Culberson approaching the dugout and appeared just happy to dance.


These two Pirates bros gave the best effort with fist pumps and pointing as if to say “sit down Culberson because the Pirates are back!” Isn’t it great that the Pirates have fan bros now?


Last but definitely not least was the old guy to the right who has probably been a season ticket holder for years and is not used to staying through the 5th inning, so he appears to be half asleep. He was awake enough to get in on the action and give an emphatic finger wave in Culberson’s direction. The fact that he did it with his eyes closed means he’s probably been practicing this move for years.


Welcome to Pittsburgh, where winning and relevancy has brought the fan base back to life.


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