Roundup: Big Guy Can't Open Water Bottle, Spelling Error Costs Kid in Final Jeopardy & America's Next Freddy Adu?

2013 Do Something AwardsJena Sims … the Bloodhound Gang got kicked out of Russia … how MLB fixed its broken bat problem … sideline reporter Molly Suillvan talks to a blog … did you know there was such thing as a Ramen burger? … moron runs on the field at Saints camp, gets arrested … a slideshow of soccer WAG Sylvie van der Vaart at the beach … man tried to smuggle turtle onto plane by hiding it in a hamburger … possibly the dumbest Facebook/baby/photo question I’ve come across … did this PE teacher learn nothing from Anthony Weiner? … Newsweek has been sold – again … TV camera crew robbed in broad daylight in Oakland … there’s something called ‘sleep texting’ syndrome … how long before NFL/NBA teams try this? …

An 11-year old kid in California is moving to Spain with his family to train with a Real Madrid youth team in hopes of becoming a soccer player. [Los Altos Town Crier]

Art Donovan played pro football for 12 years. The rest of his life, he spent telling everyone about it. [Baltimore Sun]

Deep, mid-late round QB sleeper in the 2014 draft: Keith Price of the Huskies. [Seattle Times]

Tiger Woods won a golf tournament! It wasn’t a major, but he was dominant. The PGA Championship is this week! [Golf Week]

Long, but very good read on Steubenville. Title: Trial by Twitter. [New Yorker]

Aaron Murray is mature, Johnny Manziel is not. Sportswriters continue to trip over themselves when writing about Johnny Manziel. [Augusta Chronicle]

Wondering what life is like for Bob Bradley as he coaches the Egyptian National team? [Star Ledger]

People can’t stop writing about ESPN’s newest hire, Nate Silver. [Financial Times]

How many college football receivers were also the President of their dorm? [Post Gazette]

In search of Mike Gimbel, the Moneyball revolution’s forgotten man. [Grantland]

College football coach benches 225 pounds 25 times.

Jacked Mets fan in a smedium t-shirt struggles mightily to open this water bottle.

Police attempting to catch “stampeding piglets.” [via Cartmaniak]

Kid had the right answer in Final Jeopardy, but his spelling was one letter off, so he lost. That cost him $3,000.

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