Jay Mariotti is Back with a Sports Website and Somehow, a Radio Show

jay-mariottiJay Mariotti, the disgraced former sports columnist and former talking head at ESPN, is pressing the reset button on his career with a sparkly new website titled Mariotti Show. Mariotti, who was let go by ESPN in 2010 after getting arrested for assaulting his girlfriend- he was charged with stalking and assaulting her again in 2011 – sent an email to his Chicago pal, Ed Sherman, detailing the site:

“We’re launching a national multimedia site that we think is innovative because it wraps my three-hour national daily radio show around a site of my 24/7 content — columns, short opinion hits, videos, audience interaction via Twitter and email, a travelogue of sports and restaurants and who knows what.”

If ‘3-hour national daily radio show’ caught you off guard, that’s because someone actually gave Mariotti a radio show. (Looks like it is just going to be streamed on his website.) And someone actually backed a Mariotti internet venture. The former hack claims to have talked to ESPN and Fox Sports about … eh, you don’t care. Nobody does. It’s Jay Mariotti. [via The Sherman Report]

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