PGA Championship: Watching Online Allows One to Participate in Spirited Polls

Keegan Bradley's mom packed him a lunch

The first round of the PGA Championship is being streamed online today and the quality of the feed is downright perfect. So if you happen to be stuck in an office all day, perhaps you’ve been able to treat yourself to some of the tournament in-between inspiring emails and memorable chatter with your coworkers. And if you have, surely you have spotted some of the inventive “PREDICT POLLS!” in the bottom right corner of the page. Let’s dive into the madness.

A poll involving Tiger and Tiger won the poll. Wow?

Is this even a question that truly devoted golfers and golf fans would be excited to provide a prediction for? I would’ve preferred “how soon will Keegan Bradley break out a turkey sandwich,” because it was damn early.

I would tell you but it's a secret

Yes, I believe we’ve seen this one before. It’s Round 1 and we’ve already hit the repeat button. I would love to get a look at PGA.com’s poll creation manual.

More importantly, who will lead after 18?

Already out of ideas. But it’s a safe play, as it can be asked again tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. That’s three polls in the hopper.

Oh, there it is.

Out of ideas. Again. But this too can be asked again tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. That makes for six polls in the hopper, though all hope is clearly lost.

No ambition whatsoever.

Apparently 87% of golf fans are also out of hope.

No love for Mickelson coming off his ridiculous win at the British Open? A lot of bogey believers out there. And I’m a little disappointed “hole-in-one” wasn’t offered as a choice.

Seriously, can they?

This is in reference to Bradley, Davis Love, and Tiger. This is also a message-sender in that there will be absolutely no fun had with these polls.

Tiger. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger. And more Tiger.

I had been thinking about this one all morning, specifically Hole 4, so you can imagine my enthusiasm upon discovering this poll.

Yes, we realize it’s the PGA, but do they have to be so impervious to having a little fun? At the very least, do they have to be so damn generic? These sound like questions Donovan McNabb would ask his Twitter followers.

People taking in the live stream are almost all stuck at work, so why not stray away from the mundane and ask something lighthearted, like “who’s the greatest fictional golfer of all time?” Al Czervik is the clear answer, though I’m guessing Happy Gilmore would unfortunately clean house and Ty Webb would finish at 3%.

Sadly, even asking what kind of sandwich Bradley was eating early on would have made for the best poll of the day. So don’t be shy, PGA. It’s ok to leap out of your Dockers every now and again. Just ask Czervik.

Because you want to see it first!

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